Why Fabric Matters in Fall and Winter Fashion


When it comes to ensuring that your Fall/Winter wardrobe is complete, the style of your clothes is of course the first thing that comes to mind. However, when it comes to picking fashionable pieces, style and design are not the only things that matter. When it comes to the cold seasons especially, fabric is also an important thing to consider.


The first reason is that fall and winter usually signal the coming of cold weather, and while being fashionable is a priority, not freezing yourself to death should definitely be your priority as well. This means that no matter how pretty that silk scarf looks like on a seemingly bright winter day, if your cashmere scarf  gives you more warmth, then wear that instead.


Another reason why you should pay more attention to fabric is that they can add some texture to your attire. Mixing them up brings fun to your wardrobe, and a lot of variety as well. Fall/winter outfits and accessories come in all sorts of fabric, and you can experiment with them to your heart’s content. From faux fur and velvet to wool and lace, you can mix and match until you get the look (and warmth) you need. Of course you also have your knits, cashmere, leather, and silk.


Lastly, certain styles (and colours) fit well with certain fabrics, so you should take this into consideration. Just remember that getting a lot of neutral pieces in versatile fabric will save you a lot of time and effort because they go well with almost anything.


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