What You Should Use and Should Not Use as a Swimsuit Cover-Up

Whenever you go to the beach or pool, a good cover-up is also as important as your swimwear. You need it so that you will not feel too exposed when lounging on the beach or just hanging out by the poolside for some drinks.

There are different styles of cover-ups that you can choose from and you can even find some options in your wardrobe. However, take note that not everything can work as a good cover up. Here are some of the things that you can wear as well as those which should not even be considered.

What You Should Wear as a Cover-up

  • Any short or casual dress that is a size larger than what you normally wear is preferable. You probably have more than one already in your closet so grabbing one on your next beach trip will not be a problem.
  • A non-sheer caftan, which can either be a long loose dress or a loose top. You can feel comfortable wearing it even in the heat of summer days.
  • Linen shorts and a cotton button-up top. This combination is a good idea if you want something that dries quickly.
  • A wide leg jumpsuit can also work as a cover-up for a more fashionable look at the beach.

What You Should Not Wear

  • Denim shorts is a great beach wear, but only before you wear or after you take off your swimsuit. Stay away from it simply because denims and wet skin and swimsuits do not go well together.
  • Fitted dresses also do not work well unless you want to constantly tug and fidget around, especially when you sit on the lounge chair.



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