What Colours to Wear This Winter


Winter is almost always synonymous with the monochromatic colors, and if you do it right, you will look as chic and as classy as can be. However, just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you have to drain your wardrobe of colour just yet. Adding a splash of colour to an otherwise monochromatic look can do wonders, and you’ll be surprised at what it can do to your overall look.


According to Pantone, the Fall/Winter colour trends are unisex or androgynous in nature and applicable to both men’s and women’s clothing, these hues definitely make for a more interesting winter. Sure, there are the usual winter-like hues of Stormy Weather (charcoal, black, grey), Reflecting Pond (dark blue), and even Timeless Black and Stark White & Soft Creams.


While these colours are very commonly seen during the Fall/Winter season, there are also a few surprises that have made it to this year’s trends. Bold and bright colours have also managed to make it to the list, and here are some options you can experiment on:


  • Cadmium Orange – Screaming fun, fantasy, and optimism, you can never go wrong with this nod to the ‘60s.


  • Amethyst Orchid – Combining the rich and beautiful hues of the jewel and the flower, wearing this will make you exude elegance and calmness, along with mystery and sensuality.


  • Cashmere Rose – The soft hues of pink may not be what you would normally associate with the season, but this year you can certainly add a hint of softness into an otherwise bleak winter.



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