Trends to Make Your Winter Look Extra Interesting


Are you tired of the same winter look year after year? Take a cue from the fashion runways this season and add more style to your wardrobe. Patchwork and pleated clothes can add the extra oomph to any outfit during the cold months.



 A delightful relic from the spring and summer seasons this year, patchwork is once more a favourite staple of designers. Whether it’s patchwork made from spliced fur or those cut from knit, denim or snakeskin, this style can definitely showcase just how stylish and creative the design can be. The interesting juxtaposition of various textures and colours keeps this look far from boring.

When wearing patchwork, do be careful not to let them clash too much. You want to look avant-garde, not frumpy.




Pleats may not be as daring as some of the most intriguing patchwork but pleats are a classic and have stood the test of time. Thanks to a huge array of clothes that work with pleats really well, you can show off this trend via your pants, coats, skirt and tops.


Check out brands like Balmain, Kenzo, Marco de Vincenzo and Guy Laroche to get ideas on how to stand out when wearing pleats. Whether you’re sporting fan or knife or carwash pleats, wearing them is a safe bet you’ll be fashionably safe yet interesting this winter season.


You don’t have to overhaul your entire wardrobe to stay updated with the latest trends. Add patchwork and pleated pieces and go from blah to hoorah in no time.

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