The Trendy Case of Septum Rings


A lot of celebrities have been spotted donning an interesting piece of jewelry on their face—the septum ring. This ring trend is one of the biggest fashion raves this season, and it seems like every other female celebrity has started wearing them.

While they are common now, there are so many styles out there that can still make you feel unique and show off your style.

Lady Gaga, Zoe Kravitz, and Rihanna are among those who have been photographed wearing septum rings and are very proud to show them, too. From the classic ring band, to those with intricate, ornate details, studs, and colors, there are so many styles out there that can suit your style and personality. Rihanna’s septum ring is also quite notable as it actually has wing motifs on it, which is really reflective of her style. These ring styles can effortlessly be incorporated in casual outfits to formal, red carpet affairs.

Madonna, together with her daughter Lourdes Leon, also joined the trend, and it’s very interesting how even older celebrities can pull this off and make it look quite classy. Madonna opted for a gold ring adorned with a single pearl.

If you’re not too convinced by the septum ring and you’re afraid of the pain or piercing, there’s still hope for you as there are fake septum rings out there that are just clip-ons. Try them for size and see if it’s something you can pull off with your outfit. It’ll definitely give you an extra boost of confidence!

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