Stand Out with Furs and Statement Shoes This Winter


Forget boring boots and coats this season. Just because the skies are grey and the weather is chilly doesn’t mean you have to settle with a boring look. We got ideas from the hottest fashion runways this winter to help you stand out from the pack. Thanks to furs and eye-catching shoes, you’ll be melting snow wherever you go.


Going for Fur


There’s nothing new about seeing fur on the catwalk. You can, however, add a fresh look to your fur clothes based on ideas from the top designers this season. Plenty of interesting furs graced runways all over the world this year.


Dior gave fur a fresh look with colour-washed pieces while Celine used fun pompoms to add a dash of playfulness. Fendi didn’t disappoint with well crafted and innovative pelt ideas. Two of the hottest brands, Stella McCartney and Ralph Lauren, didn’t disappoint as well with their choices of faux fur pieces that are as functional as they are attractive.


Statement Shoes


No look is complete without the right shoes. Take a cue from the runways of Paris and New York this year and get very inventive when it comes to your footwear choices. Gracing models’ stems this season were crystal-covered heels that, interestingly enough, didn’t have heels; furry boots; sizzling knee-high lace-up boots and brightly coloured pompons attached to sandals.


Funky shoes are a great way to add pizzazz to any boring dark winter outfit. Go for kooky shoes when the rest of your outfit is neutral and a tad stiff.


The whole point of fashion is to feel confident and have fun. With statement shoes and fur, your job is as easy as pie.

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