Pulling Off a Winter Hat Trick


This fall/winter season, spice up your normal hat collection by looking at a few trendy pieces that you can add up to what you currently have in your closet. Pairing these with any of your existing outfits will not only keep you warm, but it will definitely make you look more fashionable this season:


  • Pom Pom Hat

With just the right amount of fur (and fun!) you can pick this season’s trendy pom pom hat and feel like a trendy cheerleader.


  • Beret

If you want to look more chic than fun, wear a beret. A timeless accessory that adds just the right amount of flair to your outfit, you can pick one in plain dark colours or pick colours that pop out from the rest of your outfit.


  • Beanie

Beanies are winter staples, but you can spice it up by picking bolder options. Beanies that are embellished with stones come to mind, or you may also pick print instead of plain fabric.



  • Trapper hat

The trapper hat maximises your protection from the cold, but it also gives you a uniquely distinct look. From real rabbit fur to sheepskin, the trapper hat will give you warmth like no other hat can.


  • Headbands and head wraps

You can still accessorize without necessarily covering your head, because there are headbands and wraps available that also come in warm materials like fur.



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