Mimicking Sienna Miller’s Classy and Mature Bohemian Style


Sienna Miller has always been an effervescent style icon, and through the years we’ve seen her style evolve. While she’s very stylish, her personal style really revolves around bohemian inspired pieces that exude a sense of whimsy and carefree attitude.


Aside from her beautiful flowing locks of hair, Sienna really loves pieces that have touches of gypsy flair. She likes wearing fringed pieces, from fringed bags, to boots, and dresses.


Now that she’s a bit older, she’s still able to pull off the bohemian vibe and have it evolve into a more toned down, mature look. She likes to wear pieces that have cuts that are a bit more unconventional, and cuts that flow more on certain areas.


Print is still a huge part of her wardrobe as she is seen wearing flowy printed pants and floral dresses. Boho accessories are also part of her wardrobe even if she’s wearing something that’s quite classic and structured. She’ll pair a bohemian long, chain necklace with a drop pendant with a classy black haltered dress, and it’ll look very elegant.


But what’s most notable of how she retained the bohemian touch in her outfits is most evident in her choice of footwear. From sandals, to flats and espadrilles, she likes to keep it comfortable yet still exude a carefree spirit.


Sienna Miller’s style has definitely evolved, and it just proves that even if you’re naturally a bohemian at heart, you can find ways to let that side of your personality shine as you grow older.


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