Latest Trend in Eyewear: Mirrored Sky Blue Sunglasses


What’s great when summer season rolls around is that you can experiment with more season-specific styles of sunglasses, and you can lay your classic black-tinted specs to rest for a bit. The summer embraces bright colors, and sky blue sunglasses are becoming such a trend now for the stars!


Stars were all seen sporting these beautiful, mirrored sky blue specs whilst they were out and about in the city. While mirrored sunglasses are becoming such a trend that come in different colors, the sky blue tints just seem to be the most eye-catching variety. These sky blue summer sunglasses are reminiscent of the summer season, as it reminds us of pools of pristine water, and the sea.


The sky blue tint looks very fitting for several sunglasses styles too. Kate Hudson and Hilary Duff’s Ray Bans are classic aviators, which is a perfect compromise between classic style and trendy style. Dakota’s pair has small, round lenses (inspired by John Lennon’s iconic specs), and it’s the perfect touch to add to a vintage-inspired outfit. Jessica Alba is seen donning sky blue wayfarers in royal blue rims, and it is quite the statement piece to her outfit.


But what we have to take major cues from Olivia Palermo’s way of incorporating the sky blue mirrored sunglasses trend. She’s seen wearing this beautiful and feminine white skirt and white patterned blouse ensemble and a skinny belt, and her sky blue Westward Leaning sunglasses add a bright pop of color on her face.


These sunglasses are definitely a style worth stealing this summer as it proves to be such a versatile yet refreshing trend for the season.



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