How to Accessorise Your Winter Wardrobe


You can get your entire winter apparel right by picking the right pieces, but the beauty is always in the details. To make your winter outfit more interesting and to ensure that it definitely stands out from the rest, you need to sprinkle it with distinctive details and accessories:


  • The season of scarves

Whether cashmere, silk, furry, plaid, or knitted, you can mix and match your winter outfit by adding pieces from your scarf collection. Go for what gives your outfit some accent, but also remember that a scarf is supposed to keep you warm.


  • Wear a belt

Whether you’re wearing a dress with tights or a warm winter coat, adding a maxi belt or any other belt of your choice will give your body some shape and your outfit a little flavour.


  • Cute as a button

The good thing about tops, dresses, and coats is that you can actually make them look entirely new by replacing the original buttons they came with. Scour through your wardrobe and resurrect some old pieces by adding new (or even vintage) buttons.


  • Cover up with gloves

You can always go for mittens, but gloves can also give you the warmth that you need while staying glamorous.


  • A sprinkle of jewellery

Any piece of well-chosen jewellery can certainly add some character to your outfit. Whether that’s a pair of earrings that will bring some attention to your face or an old brooch you found at home, adding a few sparkly pieces won’t hurt at all.



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