Highlight Your Gams with Leg Jewelry


We’ve all been told that it’s wise to invest in classic jewelry pieces. Every fashionable lady out there is familiar with these items – pearl earrings, a simple silver cuff, elegant pendants, stud earrings, and a classy diamond ring.

But the thing is, sticking to all these tried-and-tested jewelry styles can get a bit monotonous and boring after a while. If you want to add more statement pieces to your style, you should definitely consider leg jewelry like some celebrities have.

Effortlessly cool girl next-door Zoe Kravitz has been spotted donning these edgy, fashion forward leg jewelry with her all black ensemble, high boots, and shorts. Silver leg cuffs with chains accentuate the lines of the lower leg, and add some extra pizzazz to her look. Lindsay Lohan is also seen often adorning her legs with jewelry and thigh cuffs.
If you’re a newbie at this, a thigh cuff is a good idea if you think you aren’t ready for the chained leg jewelry yet. The thigh cuff is a band you affix on your thigh obviously, adding that perfect hint of class and edge when wearing a mini skirt or shorts, or a long skirt with a high slit. As for more adventurous types of leg jewelry, leg harnesses are in, and you can get them in styles varying in complexity of the chain arrangements, with gems and stones in it.

Leg jewelry is definitely a trend that might stay for good, because it’s really flattering to the legs, and is a great statement piece.



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