Dressing Up Those Legs in the Dead of Winter


The cold weather forces all of us to bundle up, but you should never bundle up to the point of sacrificing your style. Your legs in particular are very sensitive to the cold, and this is why people usually resort to wearing tights. While there’s nothing wrong with using tights, they can get pretty uncomfortable (imagine having to climb flights of stairs). Tights are fine for some outfits, but there are also many other ways to dress up those legs:


  • Thigh-high boots

You won’t need tights when your boots are thigh-high. A fashion statement in itself, you can even choose to go bolder and wear boots that go above the knee. You can even make your boots even more eye-catching by picking ones that have unique designs (e.g. colour, patchwork).


  • Long coats

Your coat can be as long as you need it to be, and they can do the job of protecting your legs from the cold. This is especially true if your coat is made of the right material. There’s even the option of going for ankle-length or even floor-sweeping coats to maximise protection from the cold.


  • Wrap yourself up from the top

If your upper body is well-protected from the cold, you can actually dare to go for bare legs. If you have a good jumpsuit and a thick scarf then you can pair this with ankle-length boots and bare your sexy legs.



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