Cara Delevingne’s Urban Chic Street Style


That enviable “model off-duty” look is what a lot of women out there would like to achieve when they’re wearing casual clothes. Cara Delevingne certainly has this look down pat, and her urban chic street style is one that’s worth paying attention to.


Cara’s style can be both very provocative and trendy, and sometimes even a bit more tomboy, and that’s what’s so great about her. She likes to mix things up a bit and she avoids staying monotonous.


For casual wear, she loves wearing those classic Adidas sneakers, and pairs them up with great fitting pants and statement jackets such as camouflage or unusual textures. She also likes to keep her style eclectic and unpredictable, so she’ll throw in a piece that has an unusual print, or an outfit made of sheer blocks of fabric, and bold prints.


Cara is often seen in denim and trousers as well, but she plays it up with the right layering of statement pieces and accessories to achieve that signature, edgy urban look.


As for footwear, Cara loves wearing boots of all types and high and low cut sneakers (like classic, high top Chuck Taylors). But, she’ll sometimes swap these with more feminine footwear such as pointy closed heels.


If you want to emulate her chic urban street style, it’s best to invest on a lot of statement pieces, and practice mixing and matching as well as layering all of these to achieve that edgy and effortlessly cool look.



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