7 Scarves for Fall/Winter 2015


Scarves can be worn all year long, but there’s no better season to bring them out than the colder months of fall and winter. But not all scarves are created the same way, and here are the best ones you could add to your wardrobe this winter:


  1. Knit scarf

Go for the thick oversize knit scarves that go around your neck, just like what Prabal Gurung has for Fall. Scarves like these will surely keep you warm.


  1. Eye-popping print

Even the most sombre outfits can be brightened up by colourful scarves. All your favourite labels have printed scarves to liven up winter, from Balenciaga to Valentino, from the chic Hermes prints to the more funky Etro.


  1. Classic cashmere

Tried and tested, you can go for pure cashmere or those scarves that expertly blend cashmere, wool, and silk.


  1. Faux fur

Nothing says winter better than a touch of fur, but if you want to go for fur, choose faux fur. No one will protest.


  1. Oversize plaid

There’s something about plaid that fits right along with the cold months, and you can always pick the ones with colour to make it more interesting. Picking an oversize plaid scarf also makes a statement.


  1. Blanket scarf

For those moments when you just want to fully wrap yourself in warmth and comfort, the blanket scarf is your go-to.


  1. Triangle scarf

Sometimes it’s not the material that matters, but the shape. A triangle scarf is a welcome change from the usual, and adds that extra oomph to your outfit.


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